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Mishandled Abortions Endanger Mothers

From Live Action News, we read a story about a young lady whose life was put in danger after Doctor Warren Hern botched a late-term abortion. Thanks to the great amount of money involved, Hern, Carhart, and other abortionists are willing to continue to commit... read more

Director of NARAL Refuses to Call 28-Week Old Baby a Child

At a recent Colorado legislative hearing, Karen Middleton, the Director of NARAL in Colorado, responded to questions regarding abortion. Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt has held up a 3D ultrasound photo of a 28-week-old baby and asked abortion supporters to tell... read more

Texas Law Protecting Women’s Health Being Challenged

In a recent article from The Hill, the Texas law that protects women’s health is being challenged. The law states that… …abortion clinics “should be explicitly regulated as ambulatory surgical facilities, so that they are inspected annually and... read more