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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
~ Edmond Burke

According to a recent George Barna study, 77% of Coloradans self-identify as Christian, but only 42% qualify as practicing Christians. Read more here: http://cities.barna.org/top-10-colorado/

Your vote is the ultimate check and balance on our government. Only about 50 percent of Christians in America are registered to vote. Of those, only 50 percent show up at the polls. That means that 75 percent of all Christians are not voting! 75 percent of the Christian voice is not being heard. If every Christian would register and vote, candidates who share our Christian values would win in a landslide. It’s time to make your voice heard so that public policy can protect and defend your Christian values.
(Source: http://www.providenceforum.org/yourvotematters)


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