2015 CFAF Voter’s Guide

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2014 Election Printed Voter’s Guide Correction:

Please note: The headings for the candidate information boxes for State Treasurer and Secretary of State on page 5 of the CFAF Voter’s Guide were switched. Secretary of State Candidates are: Joe Neguse (D) and Wayne Williams (R) State Treasurer Candidates are: Betsy Markey (D) and Walker Stapleton (R)

Candidate Position Documentation
Candidate Comments

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2013 Jefferson County & Douglas County School Board Voter’s Guide

2013 CFAF Legislative Vote Recap
Colorado Family Foundation, in conjunction with our sister organization Colorado Family Action, presents our 2013 Colorado Legislative Vote Recap which contains a compilation of significant votes affecting Colorado families during the 69th General Assembly.  This recap indicates how your Colorado elected officials voted on critical issues facing life, marriage, religious freedom, and parental rights.  We hope that you will use this resource to inform yourself about public policy issues facing Colorado.  It is only through your help as informed and active citizens that we can defend pro-family issues at our State Capitol.